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Kizlyar Brandy Factory at Green Week in Berlin

The 85th International Trade Exhibition Green Week 2020, which presents the achievements of the food industry, gardening, agriculture and forestry, was held in the German capital from January 17 to 26. This year, more than 1800 exhibitors took part in it, and more than 100 thousand products from all over the world were presented. In addition, about 300 thematic conferences took place during the week.

Russia presented an exposition, which occupied an area of ​​more than 5 thousand square kilometers. The exhibition was attended by more than 18 regions, among which there is Dagestan, which introduced the Kizlyar Brandy Factory . At "Green Week 2020" presents only the best, environmentally friendly products that meet international quality standards. Here you can see everything from confectionery to fish and seafood.

“During the week, manufacturers demonstrated products of the food, forestry and woodworking industries. Kizlyar Brandy presented cognacs, brandies and fruit vodkas produced using full-cycle technology from domestic raw materials, ”commented Kizlyar Brandy Factory Director General Evgeny Druzhinin.

Kizlyar Brandy Factory is actively working to promote products on the international market. France, Switzerland, Germany, China, as well as some Baltic countries are already showing their interest in Kizlyar drinks.

Recall, Kizlyar Brandy was included in the list of the most popular drinks in Europe, compiled by the authoritative French magazine in the field of alcohol La Revue du vin de France.

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