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XXI Tasting Competition "PRODEXPO"

In the framework of the international exhibition PRODEXPO in Moscow, one of the most prestigious tasting competitions was held. More than 370 companies from 31 countries took part in the competition. The prestige of the professional competition is given by the fact that all judges are qualified by the international school of winemaking.

The products of the Kizlyar cognac factory at the tasting are awarded with one Grand Prix and 10 medals. Thus, the cognac "Emperor All-Russian" won the grand prize of the Grand Prix competition. The drinks Peter the Great and Bagration received the second most important prize Golden Star Prodexpo for excellent quality. Among vintage cognacs, the medals were won by Dagestan, Kizlyar, Lezginka, Russia, Kizlyar Holliday and Elegant drinks. Silver medals were awarded the new five-year cognac "Lezginka-5" and the legendary grape vodka "Kizlyarka" original.

Recall that the International Forum PRODEXPO is one of the most significant annual events of the food industry in Eastern Europe. This year the largest exhibition in Moscow gathered about 2.3 thousand participants - representatives from more than 65 countries. And more than 900 drinks took part in the tasting competition, among them almost all leaders of the alcohol industry, both Russian and foreign.

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